Annual Fund Drive

Most people are removed and isolated from the problems of dysfunctional and disadvantaged families in our communities. Jackson-Feild deals with these issues daily. We seek to provide real solutions for children whose lives and futures are at-risk due to serious mental health, behavioral and educational issues.  These boys and girls are in need of the intensive therapeutic and education services we provide. 

The funds we raise from our Annual Fund Drive mean that a child can count on receiving these services in a nurturing, caring and safe environment.  Through our programs, children can begin to heal from the trauma in their lives, learn the coping skills necessary to maintain a healthy life and return to their communities equipped to manage their lives and achieve success for their future.

We depend upon contributions to our annual fund to meet the needs of the boys and girls in our care.  Your donations help cover the daily cost of care. Every gift of every size can mean one more child has a chance for a better life and future… chances they would not otherwise have.

Together, we can and do make a difference in this world … one child at a time.


Educating, Equipping and Empowering Youth since 1855.