Educational Services

Gwaltney School

Jackson-Feild’s students attend Gwaltney School, located on the main campus in Jarratt, Virginia.  Gwaltney School is licensed by the Virginia Department of Education and is accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Specialized Educational Facilities.  Our school specializes in teaching those students who have been unable to reach their age-appropriate grade level due to circumstances in their lives. Upon enrollment, the boy and girls receive an educational assessment to determine their education plan. The plan allows the education staff to implement a curriculum to enable the student to achieve a level of education in line with the student’s appropriate grade level.

Graduation 2012

Gwaltney School provides educational services which include GED, Special Education, middle and high school curriculum.  College courses are offered through attendance at Southside Virginia Community College or through distance-learning on-line from University of Nebraska and University of Missouri.


The educational staff provides academic instruction tailored to meet the needs of each resident.   All residents’ academic progress and achievements are formally reviewed monthly with the multidisciplinary treatment team.

Residents who have completed their high school diploma or GED, receive assistance from the Gwaltney School staff to learn to complete college applications and financial aid applications. 

Vocational Services

Gwaltney School offers vocational training for students who are seeking tangible job skills leading towards a viable career path. With certification in our vocational programs, residents are able to return to their community with skills that allow them to be hired by companies who desire experienced workers.  Each graduate has achieved national standards certification showing they have completed each required area for their certification.   We partner with Southside Virginia Community College for our medical training classes.

Training includes:

Home Health Aide

National Restaurant Association ServeSafe Certification in culinary arts and cake decorating.


This place really helped me grow as a person. I really want to thank the staff for everything they did for me!

– E.C. (Jackson-Feild Alumnus)