Gifts to the Foundation

The Endowment Fund has grown as individuals have made direct and planned gifts designated to the fund. Estate gifts such as bequests, trusts, gift annuities, life insurance or other planned gifts may be directed to the Endowment to support children and families in perpetuity.

The Foundation can help donors understand income and tax advantages of a well- prepared estate plan that includes charitable planned gifts. The prime motive for our donors who contribute to the Foundation has always been a desire to further the Home’s mission and to serve troubled children. When considering a planned gift, our Foundation’s staff can help you plan your gift in order to maximize your benefit in terms of taxes and life income.

Planned gifts help both Jackson-Feild’s donors and our children. Helping one another is really what we are all about.

For further information on how to Donate a Planned Gift, please continue here.

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After leaving Jackson-Feild, I see things in a different way. I am on the way to the Job Corps, have obtained my learner’s permit & have a better relationship with my family.

– Jackson-Feild Alumna