Spiritual Program

JFH ChapelJFH ChapelSummer Bible SchoolJackson-Feild’s Spiritual Program is a non-denominational program appealing to all faiths.  Services are held weekly should residents care to attend.  Character education is a large part of the teaching by our Chaplain. We provide a variety of activities and opportunities for children to explore their spiritual and religious beliefs. They are challenged to look beyond themselves, to develop a better understanding of life and to find excellence, worth and love within themselves. 

The program offers on and off campus opportunities for each resident to participate in instruction, worship and pastoral care. The curriculum is intentionally diverse in an attempt to assist in seeking personal growth and understanding.

An initial assessment of a resident’s interest is made by a voluntary interview where the resident is given the opportunity to learn about the activities of the spiritual program and ask any questions that they might have. A resident may also express any spiritual interests or needs that he or she may have.  Residents are encouraged, but not required, to participate in this program and the activities.

The Rev Robin Jones – Chaplain

Robin is responsible for our spiritual program which includes character education and development. Upon earning her Bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University, she began her career in human resources and residential counseling in 2002. She served as a residential counselor at Jackson-Feild. Robin returned to Virginia Union University School of Theology to earn her Master of Divinity degree. Prior to joining Jackson-Feild, she served as a local pastor before returning to assume the role of our chaplain.

Our spiritual program strives to provide influences that our children can hold on to throughout their lives.